Corporate and Allied Laws

With new companies and organizations evolving / growing bigger, need for higher degree of Compliance Management System is envisaged. The dynamic compliance landscape has further widened the horizons of the audit and assurance services. The New Companies Act 2013 is a testimony to the same.

We are handling Company law matters, R.O.C. procedures and SEBI matters and providing services on various matters under the Companies Act including incorporation of companies.

Companies need their legal teams to keep pace with the commercial needs of the business and take on more responsibilities with fewer resources. We have excellent team of Corporate Legal Advisors whom you can trust. Assistance in preparation and filing of various forms and returns:

  • Change/Appointment of Directors
  • Change of Registered Address
  • Change in Object of the Company
  • Increase in Authorised Capital
  • Registering Bank Charge on assets of the company
  • Submission of Audited Accounts & Annual ROC  Returns
  • Change in Name of the company
  • Allotment of shares
  • Changes in Authorised Capital etc
  • Application for DIN
Somani Shah & Associates - Corporte and Allied Laws