Who We Are

Somani Shah & Associates was established in 2013 by CA Alpesh Shah as a proprietary chartered accountancy firm. In 2015, it was converted into a partnership firm.

The values of Somani Shah & Associates are the building blocks of the our reputation. The same being the pioneer of our and our client's success stories. With the everlasting commitment, passion and binding principles, the priority of our professional team is to ensure that those values keep us going well into the future.

Our multi-faceted practice is driven by the need to be seen by each client as valued and trusted advisors rather than an external agency that helps stay within the letter of the law. We are committed to delivering a range of professional solutions tailored to match each client's needs in the most efficient way.

Somani Shah & Associates

our core values

To our clients, we are not just service providers, we are trusted business advisors


Successful business is based on trust. Clients rely on integrity and objective, independent advice to help them make intelligent business decisions. For this reason, our firm adhere to the highest professional and ethical principles and strive to have no conflicts of interest. This is what clients expect from our Member firms, who are all at the highest level of their profession.


Professional excellence is one of our foremost principles, and is applied by our firm at every level. This constant effort to deliver the highest possible competence leads not only to client satisfaction, improvement in business lines and staff development, but it also demonstrates the most reliable proof of our independence.


We strongly believe that only an organization of genuinely independent member firms is able to meet the many challenges faced by businesses in today's expanding markets. Although every member firm is unique and independent, the same high quality standards apply to each.


The team spirit encompasses the relationship which exists with clients, each other, ourselves and our principles. It sums up how we practice our passion to serve, on both a collective and individual level. Our aim is to always put the client first, which shows a strong commitment to resolve clients' issues, improve their business, advance their goals and surpass their expectations.

Our Vision

At Somani Shah & Associates, our strategy has always been to understand what is most important to the client, to help them look for ways, to create sustainable value addition and satisfaction in a truly professional environment.

It is our earnest endeavour to apply best business practices, quickly implement innovations, put insight into action, provide perspectives on value creation, create and develop truly congenial human resource by providing the most conducive environment.

Somani Shah & Associates

An attempt is made to outline what the firm is all about and how it works. But some things just can't be conveyed through words, the power of any idea for instance, or the positive results of constructive dialogue, or the reassuring feeling of a personal relationship. At Somani Shah & Associates continuous innovation, pragmatic decision-making, hard work and above all team-work are some of the factors, which makes the firm the right consultant and advisors. The collective belief at Somani Shah & Associates that the trust and faith of people are necessary to work successfully.

our experts

Providing Expertise with integrity

Somani Shah & Associates - Alpesh Shah

CA Alpesh S Shah


Somani Shah & Associates - Dinbandhu Somani

CA Dinbandhu Somani

B.Com., FCA

Somani Shah & Associates - Nirmal Bhandari

CA Nirmal Bhandari